Hugit's creates custom party trays for all occasions.  We can provide trays of quarter sandwiches, 
hoagies cut in thirds, wraps, lunchmeat, three and six foot hoagies.  

If you have facilities to keep food warm, we suggest meatball & sausage sandwiches, hot roast beef
 sandwiches, chili or soup.  

To compliment your main course, we can supply any of our pasta salads, potato salad, cole slaw and 
macaroni salad as well as pickles, olives, cheese & pepperoni trays.  

To finish off your meal, our desserts are a great idea!  

We have listed a few popular trays to give you an idea of what we can do to make your party perfect.  

Why not give us a call and let Hugit's create a custom party tray for you?